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Thaangu Physiotherapy Centre is another philanthropic venture of Thanal. Thaangu adopts a few unfortunate children who are born with physical deformities like cerebral palsy. Such children are given physiotherapy treatment for free of cost. Children with physical deformity born to poor parents are usually forever confined to their mother's lap and would have to bear unending suffering.

Thaangu not just gives them treatment but liberates them from their helplessly confined state and gives wings to their dreams of a colourful outside world. Thanal also offers physiotherapy treatment to inmates who sufferfrom hemiplegia and also others suffering from similar problems all free of cost.

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This place is a safe home for the suffering diseased people and disabled ones. Its a home for the homeless and where food for the needy is served with love.


C.H. Centre, Near Padannapalam, Chalad, Kannur


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