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Its heartbreaking to live a dark & lonely life bearing the physical pain and mental sorrow of diseases that has no cure, leaving us feeling miserable all the time even in our old age. In such situations which cannot be undone, we, Thanal veedu and many other like-minded people have come forward to bring up an old age home for those needy people who are entirely neglected by family and society and has no where to go. For those physical impaired and mentally challenged people, abandoned on the streets and pilgrim places, we have set up a full-fledged rehabilitation center in Edachery, Kannur with sufficient space for 600 inmates, including women to stay.

Thanal Veedu takes over the full responsibility to care for those people who don't have a home or family waiting for them, who were isolated due to illness, left off in the streets or by social workers or police who voluntarily hand over them to our centers.

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This place is a safe home for the suffering diseased people and disabled ones. Its a home for the homeless and where food for the needy is served with love.


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