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|Thanal Health Care Centre

This is a fully fledged modern multispecialty health centre. This mainly working as a income source for Thanal dialysis and its related institutions. Thanal took shape in 2008. Within a short span of time 250 godforsaken people became part of the Thanal story. Each one has his or her own appalling tale of misery and hopelessness to render. Many of them are cast-offs from their homes, the society, their kith and kin. Thanal shelters such down and out people not just from every part of Kerala, but from the neighbouring states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka as well. Thanal and its committed, caring and selfless band of volunteers treat and care the inmates as their own family members.

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This place is a safe home for the suffering diseased people and disabled ones. Its a home for the homeless and where food for the needy is served with love.


C.H. Centre, Near Padannapalam, Chalad, Kannur


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