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Renal failure or damage to kidney has become one of the major health problems in the contemporary age. If there are over 6 million people suffering from this in the whole world, in India and Kerala State, the figure is equally alarming. In the context of the very limited cost-effective dialysis centres available for the poor people, a dialysis centre was established in Vadakara under the Daya Rehabilitation Trust in the month of July 2011. It is a joint venture of MIMSThanal- Nanma-Ilaaj Brothers. Every day over three shifts, seventy two people undergo dialysis, on twenty four state-of-the-art dialysis machines.

Poor families with kidney patients are financially drained over a period of time. It has been estimated that Kozhikode district itself has over 1000 people requiring life-long dialysis. Hence even Thanal can provide only very limited service. However, dialysisis is done at affordable cost for all and absolutely free for very poor patients, provided at Thanal is one of its most benevolent and noble ventures. Thanals initiative in this field has given a ray of hope to all such families. This has been possible for Thanal only with the help of philanthropists and well-wishers spread across the globe. Thanal is the only centre in the state who takes destitute from the street irrespective of medical condition. If they are suffering from AIDS we will take care of them in our THANAL HIV Shelter. If they are suffering from, Kidney disease we will provide him shelter, food round the clock medical care in addition to dialysis and subsequent treatment. If any one of them require by-pass surgery for ischaemic heart disease that will be done no doubt

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This place is a safe home for the suffering diseased people and disabled ones. Its a home for the homeless and where food for the needy is served with love.


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