is a way to know that God is here to help the needy.

A good way to do charity is do charity with your heart.

The Malayalam word Thanal literally means ´shade´. Its metaphoric connotations range from shelter to abode to asylum. In every sense of the term Thanal at Vadakara encompasses all the activities suggested by its various shades of meaning.
It all began with a palliative clinic started in the year 2002. Thanal volunteers initially took care of the people writhing in pain from cancer at their homes. Thanal became a physical necessity, the creation of a ´shelter´ with roof, for the destitutes wallowing from the pains of cancerous cells and the despondency of being neglected.
The need for an abode of one‘s own became all the more acute when Thanal volunteers understood that none of the asylums in Kerala state were ready to accommodate derelicts tormented by cancer and other fatal diseases.

Thanal took shape in 2008. Within a short span of time 250 godforsaken people became part of the Thanal story. Each one has his or her own appalling tale of misery and hopelessness to render. Many of them are cast-offs from their homes, the society, their kith and kin. Thanal shelters such down and out people not just from every part of Kerala, but from the neighbouring states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka as well. Thanal and its committed, caring and selfless band of volunteers treat and care the inmates as their own family members.

Testimony to this fact comes from none other than one of its inmates:
An aged father was put in cow shelter along with a cow, who had all disabilities of old age with filarial swelling of both legs along with cancer in the cheek which produced a pus pouring ulcer with a hole through the cheek which lodged many maggots definitely intolerable foul smell amids his motion and urine flowing out through same track that of cow living with him. Thanal rescued him gave homely care and treatment and brought him back to humanity.
The inmates have a feeling that they have regained their sons, daughter and other beloved ones. This born-again feeling is bringing back their traits of being fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. The Thanal activists in turn nurse and mother them to their heart’s content.

“Create an enviorment where everyone gets equal respect and equal opportunity to have sound health irrespective of one’s beliefs, values and cultural background”

A place to call home,not only for old people suffering from diseases like cancer and disabilities like autism and spasticity...

To Aim To Construct a world class facility designed to cater specific needs of psychiatric patients.

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This place is a safe home for the suffering diseased people and disabled ones. Its a home for the homeless and where food for the needy is served with love.


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